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Bethel suloko Jacobite Syrian Cathedral, the first Christian Church in Perumbavoor, was established in 1903 according to the decree of Kadavil Mor Athanasios, the then Metropolitan of Angamaly-Kottayam Diocese, and with the untiring efforts of the Jacobite Syrian community in the suburbs of Perumbavoor, is named after. Thomas the Apostle. Ever since its inception, the parish was loyal to the Patriarchs of the Holy See of Antioch and the far East. The meeting held , as directed by Mor Divnaciose, the then Metropolitan of Malankara, presided over by beloved Ramban Kochu Paulose (Paulose Mor Athanasios, later, the Metropolitan of Angamaly Diocese) and participated by the forefathers who have constructed this parish, registered a deed numbered 75 in Book3 Vol.1Pages 100-105, silver lines the relationship between the parish and the Holy See of Antioch.

The main feast of the church, celebrated on Feb. 6, every year commemorates the placing of the holy Relic of Mor Kauma in the church by Mor Osthatheose , the then Patriarchal Delegate from the Holy See of Antioch. It is worth saying that lot and lots of people, irrespective of caste and creed, are receiving immense graces on behalf of Mor Kauma. His Holiness the Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Yakoob iii has blessed the parish during his Apostolic visit in 1964. Though, His Holiness, the Patriarch had taken initiative to establish a peaceful environment in the Christian Church, certain factions of the Orthodox Church were against the move. The confusions that arose in the church in the early 1970s adversely affected the smooth functioning of the parish. It is praiseworthy that the parishes strongly supported and strengthened the people in this region and were loyal to the Holy See of Antioch even duding the periods of trouble.

Bethel Suloko Cathedral celebrated the centenary year in 2003. Foundation stone was laid for the new Sunday School building to be built to commemorate the centenary celebrations. The building named Mor Kauma Study Centre was blessed in 2007.t was a real honor for the parish when Eldho Ramban was elevated to the position of a Metropolitan. He was the first to be elevated to such a position.

The parish meeting on 12th Dec. 1982 approved a constitution that was registered on 1983 Lune 27. The deed was registered as No. 128 in Book 4, Vol. 48, Pages 55-75 in the Perumbavoor Sub registrar Office. This was the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the parish. The gradual increase in the number of parishioners led them think about a new and much bigger church. and the foundation stone for the same was laid on Oct. 6th 1982 by His Beatitude the Catholicose Beloved Baselios Thomas i, the then Metropolitan. Under the leadership of the then parish priest, Beloved Ouseph Corepicopos, the entire parish took active part in the reconstruction . It was the generosity of the well wishers especially Commander P.P.Thankachan(Former Speaker)and Late A.P.Varkey (former Dist. Secretary CPI(M)) that helped in the completion of the new church. The new church was blessed on Oct. 6 1997, by the then Metropolitan Beloved Thomas Mor Divaniyasose.

October 21, 2008 was a day that was written in golden letters in the chronicle of Bethel Suloko Jacobite Syrian Cathedral. It was on this day that His Holiness, the Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas honored the parish by granting the title, “Cathedral” during his 4th Apostolic Visit to India. His Beatitude, the Catholicose also unraveled the patriarchal emblem at the entrance of the church and released the parish directory during the blessed occasion.

Religious organizations like Youth Association and the Martha Mari yam Vanitha Samajam are all strong pillars of the church extending it’s every support in its road to development and always remained loyal to the Holy See of Antioch down through the ages proving that nothing could destroy its faith in it. The activity of M.G.M.Sunday School in imparting religious knowledge to the laity is commendable.

This parish with a strength of about 750 families and with a prestigious history of 106 years is a real relief centre for people of all caste and creed and of different walks of life in the heart of Perumbavoor.

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