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Martha Mariyum Vanitha Samajam.

Following the footsteps of Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy mother of our Creator, Vanitha Samajams are working in all the parishes, imparting religious knowledge among the parishioners. A unit of the same is working in Bethel Suloko Jacobite Syrian Cathedral also. Though the activities of the Samajam were not that strong over a period of time, the members were able to reorganize themselves responding to the need of the hour.

The Samajam was reorganized under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Varghese Thekkekara, the parish priest on Nov.10, 2002. A governing body was elected for the smooth running of the Samajam. (Details)

A 14 member executive committee was also elected to look into the day to day activities of the Samajam. Weekly meetings are conducted every Sunday after the Holy Mass, in the samajam office. The Samajam is extending its activities among the poor and the needy irrespective of caste and creed. Major Activities:

Providing financial support to the poor and the sick. Such people are often visited and consoled by the Samajam members. Financial help is also given to students from poor economic backgrounds during the beginning of each academic year. The members are ever willing to visit sanatoriums, orphanages and government hospitals and extend help in the form of food, cloths, and other requirements to the inmates.

Monthly meetings are conducted to assess the working of the Samajam. The Samajam is thus able to work, along with the other religious organizations like the Sunday School, and Youth Association, for the welfare and goodwill of the parish and the parishioners.

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